I first was introduced to the Epiphany school by a friend who gave me a tour. I was utterly moved by the work that was being done at this school and wanted to be involved.

I’ve worked for many non-profits, but this one worked differently.

In the fall, I asked to take some photos. I kept returning and returning. I loved being there. I loved being with the kids. And my photos weren’t representing how I was feeling about what was happening there. They just couldn’t “live” the work that was playing out each day.

Anything great needs lots of resources. Money, talent, facilities, training— but Epiphany’s greatest resource is the love that each educator in that building possesses. And they possess a lot. They are capable of enormous amounts of love and this is directed at these children, who crave this. And not just the easy love, but there is tough love too. The kids are there from 7am to 7pm Monday through Saturday. It’s the building blocks and support they need to get out of their fragile backgrounds and have the courage to believe in their dreams and act on them.

I will always be a fan of this school and a supporter.

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